Facial cleansing wipes – is it time to think again?

So many of us use those little packs of facial cleansing wipes – they are fast & super-convenient, especially when travelling, and I’ve been using them every evening for years, to remove my make-up. 
Just recently I came across an article which has

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Soap or facial cleanser? What you might like to know…..

Seems a simple enough decision, doesn’t it? What product to use to wash your face with…

The majority of us like to wash our faces in the mornings – helps us to wake up and face the day!

Most of us will use either a facial liquid wash or soap.

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Skin & the Rete Pattern – what’s that all about then, & why should I be bothered?

You may never have heard the word ‘rete’ (I hadn’t until a few weeks ago), but the ‘rete pattern’ is an integral part of healthily functioning skin and is really important. Let me explain:

The picture is a microscopic shot of the layers of the

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