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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Smooth and relax those wrinkles…

Developing ‘crows’ feet’? Hating that big frown line?

Sarah at By Appointment Aesthetic Medicine can ease away those annoying lines by using botulinum toxin treatment, most commonly referred to as ‘botox’.

This treatment uses a licensed medicine, in tiny shots, to soften the muscle movements that cause the wrinkles, resulting in a more relaxed appearance to the face. It is most often used in the upper third of the face to treat crows’ feet (or smile lines), those deep lines between the brows, and horizontal lines on the forehead. This treatment may also be used to give a gentle lift to the eyebrows on the older face.

Treatment is temporary, results are at their strongest a few weeks after treatment, gradually fading over the next few months, and lasting generally about 4 – 6 months, depending on the individual client’s genetic make-up.

Treatment prices start at £225.

Common concerns:

Q. I worry about a product described as a ‘toxin’…

A. Clients do worry about this word ‘toxin’ – please be reassured that the mainstream medical profession use botulinum toxin in very much larger amounts, to treat muscle spasms caused by various medical conditions, including severe migraines. Also, remember that many everyday foods, drinks and medicines are ‘toxic’ in large doses.

Q. Will it hurt? I don’t like needles…

A. None of us likes pain, which with this treatment is very dependent on needle size. I use the finest needles available for this treatment, and my clients tell me it is really not painful, just a minimal discomfort.  However, your pain threshold is lower when you are hungry, thirsty, tired, unwell, stressed, or have your period, so don’t rush, and make sure you have eaten something

Q. I don’t want to look frozen and expressionless…

A. The first time I ever had botox treatment, I was given far too much and couldn’t move my forehead at all for a month!
Gentle or ‘baby’ botox should leave a client with movement, so she can be her normal expressive self. While some clients like a minimum of movement, I do feel it can look unnatural – so I will always start with a moderate amount. I can always add more when you are reviewed after a couple of weeks.