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Collagen Skin Boosting

Making a real difference to your skin…

If you have ever dreamed of having luminescent, plumper, younger looking skin, then By Appointment Aesthetic Medicine can help you make that dream come true.

Skin boosting makes a dramatic difference to your skin, making it plumper, and smoother.

Over the last 10 years, I have tried many methods to help my clients improve their general skin condition. I am now tending to avoid those treatment methods that are destructive to the upper layers of the skin, such a chemical peels and lasers, as I feel that they are too harsh and disrupt the natural functioning of the skin.

They can also be associated with varying lengths of ‘downtime’, which can be a problem in our busy worlds.

I have turned instead to those methods that encourage a boosting of the skin’s own natural production of and elastin, and now favour medical needling and mesotherapy type treatments.

Collagen boosting treatment starts at £200

Did you realise that the cells of a really healthy skin can communicate with each other? Medical needling  and mesotherapy encourage your skin to function as it should do
Skin Needling – we know, it sounds awful! It is actually painless, and a course of treatments will stimulate your collagen and dramatically improve the appearance of fine wrinkles. This treatment also remodels skin – a course will effectively treat scars and acne scarring.

Medical needling is often called ‘dermaroller’ treatment, although I no longer use the rather crude prickly rollers that were common a few years ago, but use an electronic device that is virtually painless (and your skin will also be numbed beforehand).
Mesotherapy – A cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals is injected in very small amounts into the upper layers of the skin to stimulate the skin to improve its function and give you that  lovely attractive ‘glow’
Again, it is not uncomfortable as a local anaesthetic is used.
Both of these treatments work best when taken as a course of three treatments given at intervals – after the initial treatment, then a refresher treatment once or twice a year will keep your skin looking fabulous.
Prior to any treatment, you will have a detailed consultation with Sarah to discuss your individual requirements, the different options available for you, the procedures and the costs.