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Facial Thread Veins

Yes, we CAN banish those embarrassing facial thread veins!

Here at By Appointment Aesthetic Medicine, we totally understand how embarrassing facial veins can be, for both men and women.

Sometimes the cause seems to be genetic, sometimes the result of rosacea, sometimes it’s simply exposure to strong wind and sunshine. Whatever causes them we don’t like them at all, and all too often have to resort to covering them up with concealer or foundation, and we just feel so conscious of them that it can affect self-esteem.

A brilliant technology called ThermaVein can zap those little nuisances very effectively – they literally disappear at the touch of a tiny probe.

A 30 minute treatment is £250

We cannot stop them forming again, but most clients find that after a couple of sessions, they can keep the reappearance under control by having a treatment once or twice a year.

All the clients I have treated have been able to stop using concealer or foundation if they wished, and enjoy the freedom from having to hide their blemishes.

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Prior to any treatment, you will be given a detailed consultation with Sarah to discuss your individual requirements, the different options available for you, the procedures and the costs.