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Weddings and Very Special Occasions

Looking absolutely stunning for your big day…

Special occasion coming up later this year, or next year? Mother of the bride, or becoming an older bride?
We can provide you with a full, structured treatment programme, designed especially for you, to ensure you are looking your fabulous best for the Big Day.

Your treatment programme can include any or all the elements of facial rejuvenation – wrinkle reduction, collagen boosting, optimising your skin, dermal fillers as required.
We can also treat your hands, eyes, lips and decollete to ensure that the skin in these areas is at its best - you can then wear the dress of your dreams!
These elements can be spaced as you wish, to ensure that by the Big Day you will look genuinely stunning, but not ‘done’.
We can also spread the cost of your treatment programme, so you can budget effectively.
For further information or to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us.