Facial cleansing wipes – is it time to think again?

So many of us use those little packs of facial cleansing wipes – they are fast & super-convenient, especially when travelling, and I’ve been using them every evening for years, to remove my make-up. 
Just recently I came across an article which has made me consider whether I should give up this easy, peasy way of removing the days grime, and go back to a more traditional method…
Firstly, all a wipe does is wipe – nothing else, it doesn’t moisturise properly,   it just wipes away the make-up. Sometimes even using a second wipe doesn’t get all of the make-up off though, and I find myself using a cotton-wool pad & some toner to get off the last traces, so they can’t work that well after all.
In order to keep the wipes in good condition (think of all those days & weeks some packets sit on the store shelf in the heat), large amounts of preservatives, alcohol & anti-bacterial agents are present in the fluid that the wipes hold. Is that why I sometimes find my skin is stinging after I use them?
The alcohol content will dry the skin, and the preservatives and alcohol affect the skin’s own ‘microbiome’ (helpful bacteria we all have on our skin).
So for years I’ve done the equivalent of using a smelly old flannel on my face every evening – hardly bears thinking about…
From now on I shall be taking time & care to remove my make-up using a lovely cleansing cream that will actually help to moisturise my skin, and if I do continue to use wipes for convenience when travelling, then I shall buy a new pack for each trip, make sure that I close the tab between uses, and bin the remainder when I’m home again.
Sarah Buckley, RN, NIP, By Appointment Aesthetic Medicine. 15 Oct 2017
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